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The terms mentioned below have the following meanings in these Conditions of Sale for Portugo Service (referred to as the "Conditions"):

  1. Announcement: This announcement pertains to all the information and materials (including visual, textual, audio, photographic, and graphic content) provided by an advertiser, who is solely responsible for its content. The purpose of this announcement is to promote the buying, renting, or selling of a product or service and to be featured on both the website and mobile site.
  2. Advertiser: An Advertiser refers to an individual or organization, who is a resident of India and has created an account on the website to post an advertisement. To deposit or manage their listings, all Advertisers must log in to their Personal Account. The creation of a Personal Account is mandatory for every Advertiser upon making their first deposit.
  3. Personal Account: A Personal Account is a space that an Advertiser must create for free. It is used to connect to the Website and manage, disseminate, and view their listings.
  4. Portugo: Portugo refers to the company YYC TECH Consulting, which is responsible for publishing and managing the Website and Mobile Site. YYC TECH Consulting is registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Calgary and has its registered office in Calgary, Alberta.
  5. Customer Service: Portugo is the customer service department that provides additional information to the Advertiser. You can contact this service by clicking on the email link provided on the Website and Mobile Site.
  6. Portugo Service: Portugo refers to the range of services provided to Users and Advertisers through the Website and Mobile Site.
  7. Website: The term "Website" refers to the online platform, Portugo, which is primarily accessed through the URL https://Portugo.io. This website provides Users and Advertisers with internet access to the Service offered by Portugo.
  8. Mobile Site: The mobile site of Portugo can be accessed through the URL https://Portugo.io. It enables both Users and Advertisers to access Portugo's services via their mobile phones.
  9. User: A user is defined as any individual who has access to the Portugo Service through the Website or Mobile Site, as well as the Consultant Service Portugo that can be accessed through various media.


The following Terms and Conditions Of Use outline the contractual agreements that apply to any Advertiser who subscribes through their Personal Account on the Website and Mobile Site.


By using the website, an Advertiser fully accepts the current Terms.


Portugo cannot be held responsible for any failure or inadequate execution of due control, whether caused by the Advertiser or due to a force majeure event.

Modification of these terms

Portugo has the right to change some or all of the Terms and Conditions at any given time.

Advertisers are recommended to refer to the Terms in order to stay informed about any modifications.


In case any part of the Terms becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the affected provisions will be considered null and void. This will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which will still be in effect and govern the relationship between Advertisers and Portugo.

If you have any complaints, please direct them to Customer Service Portugo.